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20, Liverpool

What an amazing site FreeHookUps.com is I can't thank you enough for helping me to find a dating site that actually works! There are scads of guys to choose from. Being a young single woman it is hard to find guys who believe I want what they want, BUT I found it here and couldn't be happier! I was brassed off with other dating sites, but FreeHookups really is the bees knees, far better than spending the day at Crosby Beach. It cost me bugger all to use and I was able to shag and allow a few gents to have their way with me ;-)

23, Glasgow

Well bloody hell, I didn't think a site like this actually existed, but it does it is the Rolls Royce of online dating sites! I can't believe that I could find countless guys on freehookups.com who would not think of me as a dirty slapper. I was happy to find a site that I could do what it was that I wanted ... Bang and not have to date someone to do it. I'm too busy with my career to date anyone right now and now that I've found this site I don't have too. What a great way to unwind at the end of the day!

27, Manchester

What a blinding experience I was able to have on Freehookups.com! I met numerous like-minded blokes who were looking to chat up and bonk which is why I signed up for the site to begin with. No strings attached banging with guys who were willing, ready and able to meet straight away and shag. Other dating sites do not compare to freehookups, it was easy peasy to find guys who were on the site when I was, that were interesting and ready to meet me right away for a quick hook up. An added bonus was that they guys I've met have always made me feel like Royalty.

24, Leeds

Well ladies this is the site for you. You will be able to find guys just like me who are looking to hook up with you. I know that I'm hot, but it's not just me, there are so many hot guys that are using the site. I was lucky enough to be able to meet willing gals and it's easy peasy to do so with FreeHookups.com. I've convinced my other single guy friends to sign up too, which means more good looking guys for you to choose from. There isn't another site out there that delivers like this one, it is simply the best site to find some hanky panky with no strings attached.

More Of Our Members

Hi Ladies! I am not looking for anything serious right now, instead all I really want is a quick hookup and then to go home to my own bed alone where I can get a good night sleep. Freehookups has got me out there again after a bad breakup. I get to have a date for a night and then move on to the next girl in line. Will you be that girl? It is so refreshing to be in control of my dating life again and not have someone else nagging at me about what I can and can't do.



25, Cardiff

I just broke up with my long-term girlfriend and I needed to take a break from relationships. Freehookups has helped me to continue to date and hook up but not have to worry about everything that comes with a relationship. I get to meet so many amazing hot girls and have a great night out. Let's start our night out at a few pubs and end the night with a quick shag. I can show you the Edinburgh Castle, okay really it's just my flat but let's pretend. ;) Come on ladies, be honest with yourself, you're not looking for anything serious right now, so let's chat tonight.



27, Edinburgh

I like to start a date at the London Eye. I use this as my starting point when meeting ladies from freehookups.com and then take it from there. It let's me see just how adventurous my date is and gives some time right away alone to get to know each other. This site is so easy to use and it's easy to find guys like me that are looking to shag with no expectations other than our date for the night. I couldn't be happier with my decision to join freehookups. You must consider joining today so you can start meeting blokes like me!.



21, London

I log on every day to view my sexy matches, and now meeting guys that totally rock my world is easy as pie! FreeHookups is the best dating site there is!

suziegrrl, 24 Cardiff

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